Body-for-LIFE for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation

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Body-for-LIFE for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation

ಯ Free Read Format Kindle [ Body-for-LIFE for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation ] ಻ Ebook Author Pamela Peeke ೦ Part 1The Breakthrough for Women Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement Nothing can be done without hope and confidence Helen KellerWe met on a fine autumn day in 2001 Then 48, Margaret, a talented editor who sat anxiously in my waiting room, was in full throttle perimenopause I led her to my office, offered her a seat in the Victorian armchair across from my desk, and asked why she d come.I had a pretty good idea.She looked at me and tried to smile Instead, her eyes welled with tears I m 5 feet 5 inches and 236 ds I wear a size 22 I m disgusted with my body and scared that I m going to die Back then, studies had just begun to implicate excess inner abdominal fat what I call Toxic Fat as a risk factor for heart disease and diabetes, among other illnesses Margaret was aware of these studies, and she had reason to worry The workup I gave her that day said it all.Fully 45 percent of her body was fat Her fasting blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure were all above normal Her mother had both heart disease and diabetes, and Margaret was following in her footsteps She wanted to be there for her three children She was having nightmares about losing it all.I told her that to save her life, she had to change it Then, together, we customized a new method of living that would work for her a new way to eat, move her body, and manage the stress that was undermining her physical and emotional well being.Several months into her program, she left me a voice mail Her husband, Richard, was ill She d be back as soon as the crisis was resolved I sighed I was concerned that she d abandon all the positive changes she d made Who could blame her But 5 months later, there she was In my waiting room I d walked right past her You see, she d really changed The sad, defeated Margaret I d met months before had been transformed into a smiling, serene looking, and very fit woman.Margaret told me that Richard had developed a life threatening intestinal blockage and had had to spend weeks in the intensive care unit of a major medical center 60 miles from her home She d spent 4 months by his bedside.I thought This woman had the perfect excuse to let herself go a sick husband, a boatload of stress She could have stopped working out, started eating badly again.Instead, she brought her own healthy meals to her husband s hospital room and left his side long enough each day to walk briskly around the hospital campus She d even gotten a short term membership at a local gym to get in her weight lifting.Margaret had removed 45 ds Her body fat was down 7 points She d lost 4 inches off her waist, and her fasting blood sugar and cholesterol were within normal limits Her blood pressure was down, too Awesome Absolutely awesome, I said, giving her a hug How d you do it Smiling, Margaret said, When my husband got sick, I wanted to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head I knew I had to stay strong for him, for my family but I didn t know how I was going to pull it off One day as I was stressing out, this image of myself popped into my head I was a woman warrior I had the sword, the breastplate, the whole deal, and I was fighting for my husband s life Sounds very Xena, right But that image gave her focus Purpose Every time she walked, lifted weights, chose to fuel her body with good, healthy food, she was staying strong For him, and for her children.But somewhere along the line, Margaret started getting stronger not just for them but for herself I felt powerful, Margaret said My muscles were stronger My mind was clearer By the time my husband had recovered, I felt like I d been reborn Right then, I got it This woman had cracked the code She d stayed with her program because she d decided, consciously or not, to fight for her own life as fiercely as she d fought for her husband s.And that, girlfriends, is the core of Body for LIFE for Women.THE SEARCH FOR A WOMAN S FORMULAIn my first book, Fight Fat after Forty, I helped introduce the world to the stress fat connection with the aim of helping women prevent what I called Toxic Fat, the stubborn fat inside your belly that accumulates when stress is out of control and that has been linked to many deadly chronic diseases.Since the publication of that book, we know than ever before about women s health The bad news Women s health has gotten worse Over 30 percent of women carry at least 50 ds than recommended for optimal health And, frighteningly, their daughters are becoming so sedentary and overweight that they risk becoming the first generation not to live as long as their parents These changes only further steeled my resolve to develop a solution that would help women live longer, healthier lives I d heard of the book Body for LIFE, of course was there anyone left on the planet who hadn t heard of this program for physical and mental transformation but when I hatched the plan for my second book, I hadn t yet read it One afternoon, I picked up Body for LIFE, sat down, and read it cover to cover And it got me thinking I d treated lots of women over the years They had had babies, got PMS every month, were going through perimenopause, or were well past menopause Normal woman things And though many got very fit during our work together, many struggled with creating the time and the emotional space for themselves to change their bodies the way they wanted to.I knew from my practice that the most successful plan for today s women would factor in the realities of a woman s whole life the full time job, the endless caregiving, the stress that comes with trying to do it all It would also recognize the importance of specific nutrients women need for optimal health, like calcium, iron, and folic acid It would certainly need to accommodate the fluctuations in mood, energy, and appetite that happen around the time of a woman s period or during perimenopause And, most clearly of all, it would address the issues of emotional eating and poor body image issues with which many women struggle on a daily basis.I liked the idea of achieving a fit, healthy body for life, and how the program revolved around a personal 12 week Challenge I knew from my work with my patients that the very word challenge suggested hope, potential, empowerment When you accept a challenge, you step up to the plate and give it your all Roll up your sleeves, so to speak, and get to work And when the challenge is met, you get to savor the rewards of your efforts Just for fun, I began to play with the program to modify it to a woman s unique physical and emotional makeup And, as life would have it, I met Bill Phillips, the author of the original Body for LIFE, in Washington, D.C., on a snowy night in January 2004 We talked for hours, and it was clear that we both wanted to help people achieve their optimal mind and body, each from our own uniquely male and female points of view That s when I resolved to bring the Body for LIFE program to a wider audience of women and give them the opportunity to achieve their own physical and mental transformation.The result This mind body program of transformation for women, which synthesizes the newest science my expertise in the fields of nutrition, stress, and metabolism and my experience in helping thousands of women revitalize their health and their lives Body for LIFE for Women is a refinement of the original Body for LIFE program, a holistic, integrated plan for healthier living that incorporates information about nutrition, exercise, and stress management specifically chosen to help women achieve their Body for LIFE.VIVE LA DIFFERENCE The women I work with are of all ages, weights, and fitness levels Body for LIFE for Women is working for them, and I believe it will work for you, too This program factors in elements such as age and hormonal levels that have a significant impact on a woman s body composition, weight, and fitness level And there s a blueprint for using this program for life Here s how the program will help you achieve optimal health.It s based on scientific breakthroughs in two of the hottest fields of research The first is gender specific medicine, the science of how gender impacts the diagnosis and treatment of disease This book focuses on the latest research in nutrition and fitness that has been conducted on women, rather than on men.The second hot area of research is body composition body comp for short , the proportions of fat, muscle, and bone that make up total body weight By using this measure as its foundation, Body for LIFE for Women gives women a whole new paradigm for health and disease prevention The scale weight is but one data byte Now we focus on the quality of a woman s weight, not just the quantity As my patient Marilyn once said, Dr Peeke, if I lost my keys, I d want to find them I haven t lost 63 ds I ve removed them So we no longer talk about weight loss but about weight removal.It s holistic With Body for LIFE for Women, the password is fitness mental as well as physical It s about having a sound mind in a sound body, and about achieving a balance between caring for the people you love and caring for yourself In this paradigm, Mind always affects Body and vice versa, and it s the synergy between the two that creates health and fitness.It redefines the healthy female body With Body for LIFE for Women, the only standard you meet is based on you If you re over 40, don t count on its helping you to squeeze into size zero jeans But do expect a lasting reward a strong body that allows you to do the stuff you need and want to do without breaking down on you It encourages you to embrace and optimize your mental and physical strengths by challenging you to be the very best you can be.It s woman proof I ve treated thousands of women, and not one of them was derailed by laziness or lack of willpower No, they were done in by uniquely female traits.The first caregiving with no limits or boundaries While women are busy making everyone else s life a little easier, their bodies and minds go to hell As my patient Naomi once said, I kept spending body dollars taking care of everyone else and forgetting about me Birthdays Don t Count, Hormonal Milestones DoThe average woman born in 1900 lived to be 48 Unbelievable Some of us are still changing Pampers at that age Though we re living longer now, we ve always outlived men The average woman now lives 79.5 years the average man, 74.Women live longer than men for a multitude of reasons biological, behavioral, social, psychological But these days, chronological age is only a tiny piece of the story Thanks to medical breakthroughs, better nutrition, physical activity, and a decline in smoking, the rate of disabilities among older people has dropped dramatically Many of my perimenopausal or menopausal patients are running marathons or climbing mountains at 50 plus.Body for LIFE for Women takes the original Body for LIFE program one step deeper, to incorporate a groundbreaking view of female health Instead of fixating on chronological age, we ll talk in terms of our Hormonal Milestones In this book, you ll learn how to optimize your health and your body s physical fitness during each of your Hormonal Milestones Milestone 1 Menstruation to First Pregnancy Milestone 2 The Reproductive Years Milestone 3 Perimenopause Milestone 4 Beyond MenopauseEach Milestone represents a significant shift in a woman s hormonal makeup, and each has dramatic implications for her health For example, in the first Milestone, the surge of estrogen and other female hormones affects our hearts, our bones, our fat stores, and even our emotions In many ways, Milestone 4 is the mirror image of Milestone 1 the decline of these hormones whether sudden or gradual reframes our approach to physical and emotional well being.In part 2, you ll learn about your Hormonal Milestones and how each impacts your body Whether you re in Milestone 1 or beyond, you ll learn tactics that will help you reach your optimal level of health and fitness for this time of your life, which will set the stage for good health in the next, and the next, and the next.The second rumination, or obsessing about something without doing anything about it Women rarely just do it For us, it s usually just obsess about it Well, that s about to end No agonizing that you re too fat to be seen in a gym No putting off your walks until you find a tracksuit that agrees with your skin tone You already know what to do Body for LIFE for Women shows you how to get it done.It is truly for life The core of Body for LIFE for Women centers on what happens during a specific 12 week Challenge Each Challenge segment is part of an ongoing series of personal challenges in which you re either shedding or maintaining weight that you cycle through for the rest of your life Whether it s pregnancy, illness, surgery, serious stress or anything that causes you to regain the weight you ve already removed you ll have the tools to regroup and stay mentally and physically fit And who knows Maybe you ll even be inspired to enter the EAS Body for LIFE Challenge contest and also have a chance at winning some cold, hard cash So far, so good Good But there s a lot to this program Let s drill a little deeper.THE WINNING FORMULA MIND MOUTH MUSCLEBody for LIFE for Women uses a unique and integrative template for fitness that I call the Mind Mouth Muscle Formula MMM for short It s a woman s blueprint for being and staying physically and mentally fit at every stage of her life, despite her endless caregiving and her unique stressors Using MMM to guide your Challenge is the best way I ve ever seen for women to achieve their fittest, healthiest body, regardless of their age, health, or physical condition.The MMM Formula encompasses a woman s Attitude about balancing and managing the stresses of her life while caring for and honoring her mind and body Mind Way of nourishing herself to optimize her body composition and health Mouth Use of specific physical activity to attain and sustain her optimal body comp and performance Muscle In the Mind The 10 Body for LIFE for Women Power Mind Principles component, you ll learn how to navigate life s stresses in such a way that you won t keep falling off your own daily radar screen The Mind component also helps you develop your own Motivational Target a way of thinking that keeps you on track, no matter how tough your day can be You ll also learn the 10 Power Mind Principles, which will serve as the foundation upon which you will achieve your Mouth and Muscle objectives.Dr Peeke explores how stress directly affects your body composition and shows how you can control your weight by harnessing the mind s power to achieve stress resilience Herbert Benson, MD, Mind Body Medical Institute, Harvard University, and author of The Relaxation Response and Timeless HealingA must for any woman who wants to take responsibility for her own health and improve both the quantity and quality of her life for life Kenneth H Cooper, MD, MPH, founder of the Cooper Aerobics CenterDr Peeke provides us with the evidence explaining the stressfat connection and she presents an easy, enjoyable program to resist stress eating and achieve mind and body fitness for life C Everett Koop, MD, former US surgeon general and founder of Shape Up America Healing back to health finally feel better At Integrative Health Matters, we seek look at the rootcause of symptoms and treat wholepatient with diet, vitamins, supplements, metal testing Celebrity Body Us Weekly View pictures hottest celebrity bodies, keep up latest trends in workouts, diets, fitness on Weekly Gurl Girl Site About Girls Love Relationships ABOUT GURL Gurl is best website, resource, community for girl life information, advice, online fun, relationship sex free games, freebies ACBAR Home Page Effective NGOs, Stronger Communities ACBAR represents serves NGOs Afghanistan since Our mission provide an efficient platform members carry Interactive Human BBC An exploration human body its functions body English Spanish Dictionary Translation Spanish, pronunciation, forum discussions Crickweb KS Science Free Interactive Primary science or Elementary Key Stage Science kids teacher resources Games kids, Learning a fun way DailyOM Flow Today s Inspiration living spaces can become nurturing homes our bodies souls when make sure that surroundings accurately reflect who How Yoga Can Wreck Your The New York Popped ribs, brain injuries, blinding pain Are healing rewards worth risks Student Organizations University Rochester Student Life UofR Quidditch Club known as Thestrals are force be reckoned annual World Cup bol For Life, Bill Phillips onbekende bindwijze Voor fanatieke sportschoolbezoekers en anderen die werk willen maken van lijf spierenBody een trainingsprogramma Body Program Review Does It Work Read WebMD review diet exercise program find out if it right you Bill Transformation Health Phillips, pro author wants help transform mentally physically Lose weight get your Weeks Mental Physical Physical Strength Michael D Orso FREE shipping qualifying offers Change Mind Home Life focuses Testosterone Replacement Therapy Men Medically Supervised Weight Loss both Women Memphis Bartlett, TN area home de massagespecialisten Eigenaar Master masseur Alex Bilt behandelt groot aantal bekende Nederlanders, waaronder John Heitinga zijn vrouw Charlotte Sophie Zenden, Marco Welcome Massage Therapies Quick Contact Located inside Atrium Van Teylingen Dr, Suite H Colorado Springs, CO fax Low Price CD, CD LifeImagine, just weeks from now, having lean, healthy ve Training YouTube A video showing my training after finished challenge Fitness competition Pamela Peeke PAMELA PEEKE, MD, MPH, FACP, assistant professor medicine Maryland School Medicine, Pew Foundation Scholar nutrition About Me Pam FACSM Dr Pamela nationally renowned physician, scientist, expert thought leader fields integrative preventive LIFE Woman Plan for Peeke, Cindy Crawford Drink Without Gaining What worse Research has uncovered alcohol especially decreases fat burn belly, adds That why never hear about beer hips Do Sweat Beds Work Gomez said she started using sweat bed place called Shape House According urban lodge three Why do Two Genetically Identical Mice Look genetically identical mice vastly different one lean brown, other yellow How this possible Epigenetic pioneer Randy Fitness Continuing Education Online Continuing IDEA premier provider education, products services pros Earn CECs CEUs over agencies, including ACE, ACSM, AFAA, NASM, NSCA COPD Lung Exercises Build Reader s These lung exercises build tissues around lungs getting breath Transcendental Meditation Technique A In introductory video, Bob Roth describes Transcendental technique depth ll learn TM Can Stress Cause Gain WebMD SOURCES Peek, medicine, Jason Perry Block, population Dr PamPeekeMD Twitter Tweets Internationally recognized expert, York Times selling Known Boeken kopen Kijk snel lezen koop je eenvoudig bij bol Vele aanbiedingen Gratis retourneren dagen Facebook Rockville, K likes drpeeke bestselling artikelen Alle online Op zoek naar Artikelen prevention Tips her seller Fight Fat After Forty, MD contends st century seems programmed us We squeeze every minute MPH doc walks talk, internationally speaker women health, Changing Face Medicine M Peeke was among first physicians formal research connections between chronic stress, nutrition, gain information David Lynch Healing Empowering Initiative please visit Epigenetic transformation what grandparents ate TEDxLowerEastSide TEDx Talks IMDb Find industry contacts talent representation Access development titles not available IMDb Get news leading trades Body-for-LIFE for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation

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