The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer: A Huichol Indian Story

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The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer: A Huichol Indian Story

ᜁ Free Download The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer: A Huichol Indian Story ⚱ Book Author James Endredy ⚵ One day the families of a village in the mountains of Mexico began walking through the woods on their way to the sacred mountain, which was far away in Wirikuta and took many days to reach Along with the adults in one of the families was a small boy named Tunuri Because he was very adventurous, Tunuri loved the long journey to the sacred mountain and often liked to walk where his parents couldnt see him.In the middle of their journey, as they walked in the early morning light, Tunuri saw a beautiful butterfly with wings of many colors, and he decided to follow it to see where it was going He ran with the butterfly over many hills and through the forest until he looked around and realized that he couldnt hear or see anyone any.There were no voices and there was no laughter in the air The forest was full of shadows and stillness He knew then that he was far away from his family he was lost Tunuri was afraid He turned in every direction, trying to see something familiar, but he didnt know where he was or which way to go.Then something caught his eye What was it Tunuri looked up and saw a family of deer standing at the top of the next hill, and one of the deer was walking toward him As the animal came closer, Tunuri knew that this was no ordinary deer, for his coat was a lovely deep blue and he glowed all over, as if the sun or moon shone from inside him.As he came near, the magical Blue Deer spoke Hello, Tunuri I know you are lost and I know where your family is Grandfather Fire has sent me to show you where you can find them You must follow me and hurry, so they wont miss you Then the Blue Deer turned and ran away Tunuri was disappointed He wanted to follow the Blue Deer, but the animal moved too quickly Tunuri looked at the ground, wanting to cry and saw right away that wherever the Blue Deer had stepped, there were now colorful flowers growing The footprints of the magical deer made a trail of beautiful flowers for him to follow.Tunuri began to walk, following this flower trail He walked up a high hill and standing in the sun at the very top was the Blue Deer Tunuri ran up to him and saw the sun shining brightly in the sky As he enjoyed its warmth on his skin, he heard a strong, kind voice speak Hello, Tunuri I am Father Sun.Tunuri was surprised and turned his face to the bright sky You and all other beings are my children, the voice said I am father to everything on Earth, and in my light and warmth and energy the trees grow tall, the flowers bloom, and the fruit ripens My light shines from your eyes and lives in your heart You can feel my warmth on your skin and see the beautiful colors I paint on the clouds I am here for you, my son Remember that you can talk to me whenever you wish.Tunuri was filled with happiness from Father Suns warmth and care Thank you, Father Sun I will always remember.The Blue Deer then turned and ran away again, and as he ran, he called to Tunuri, Follow me Your family is waiting for you Tunuri followed the flowers again until he came to a beautiful wide valley between two great mountains As he joined the Blue Deer he suddenly felt a wind blowing through the valley, cool and fresh The leaves of the trees began to dance, the tall grasses swayed back and forth, and the birds above them flew effortlessly in the sky.Tunuri then heard a singing voice, Hello, Tunuri I am Brother Wind Because the Sun is my father too, you and I are brothers In fact, I am the eldest brother of all beings, and I give the breath of life to all children When I blow strongly, I move the sky, and when I blow gently, you can hear me whispering I am here, Tunuri, whenever you need me Just take a deep breath, and I am with you.Tunuri breathed in deeply and felt the fresh wind fill his lungs Good to meet you, Brother Wind I will breathe and visit with you And with that, the Blue Deer ran again and called to Tunuri, Follow me Were going to visit your sister.Soon they came to a shining lake Tunuri stood next to the Blue Deer on the lakes shore and watched the many animals drinking there Then he looked into the clear water and saw all kinds of fish swimming On the surface of the lake he could see the reflection of the sky above He bent down and took a small sip of the cool water, and just then the water spoke to him.Hello, Tunuri, the water said in a cool and lilting voice I am Sister Water Wind is my brother and Sun is my father I quench the thirst of all Earths animals and plants Whenever you stand in the rain or by a stream, a lake, or an ocean, I will be with you Drink me and I will nourish your body I will be your sister forever.Tunuri splashed some of Sister Waters cool drops on his face Thank you, Sister Water I will always remember you, he said happily. marvelously illustrated with colorful yarn pictures by Maria Hernandez de la Cruz and Casimiro de la Cruz Lopez, and includes information about the Huichol people, their sacred symbols and their art Ages 6 9 and to be enjoyed at any age Light of Consciousness, Winter 2004 A highly recommended addition to school and community library Native American collections for young readers The Midwest Book Review, February 2004 A strong addition to folktale collections Linda Kenton, School Library Journal, January 2004 A creative extension of the oral tradition of Huichol culture Spirit of Change, May June 2004 Simply but eloquently tells the story of how nature and human lives are connected Troy Michelle Reinhardt, ForeWord, 2004, Vol.7 No3 Journey Church We invite you to join us this Sunday When visit Journey Church, can expect a group of people who will love and welcome for are You see Aaron Becker on FREE shipping qualifying offers A Caldecott Honor Book Follow girl an elaborate flight fancy in Tour Dates Journey s official website fan news, tour schedules, anything Welcome North Tracking migrations seasons Main navigation Home 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