Island of the Blue Dolphins eBook: Scott O'Dell: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.

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Island of the Blue Dolphins eBook: Scott O'Dell: Amazon Media EU  S.à r.l.

⇯ ⑇ Island of the Blue Dolphins eBook: Scott O'Dell: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. for ipad ⩰ Ebook By Scott O Dell ⫯ Scott O Dell won the Newbery Medal for Island of the Blue Dolphins in 1961, and in 1976 the Children s Literature Association named this riveting story one of the 10 best American children s books of the past 200 years O Dell was inspired by the real life story of a 12 year old American Indian girl, Karana The author based his book on the life of this remarkable young woman who, during the evacuation of Ghalas at an island off the coast of California , jumped ship to stay with her young brother who had been abandoned on the island He died shortly thereafter, and Karana fended for herself on the island for 18 years O Dell tells the miraculous story of how Karana forages on land and in the ocean, clothes herself in a green cormorant skirt and an otter cape on special occasions , and secures shelter Perhaps even startlingly, she finds strength and serenity living alone on the island This beautiful edition of Island of the Blue Dolphins is enriched with 12 full page watercolor paintings by Ted Lewin, illustrator of than 100 children s books, including Ali, Child of the Desert A gripping story of battling wild dogs and sea elephants, this simply told, suspenseful tale of survival is also an uplifting adventure of the spirit Ages 9 to 12I remember the day the Aleut ship came to our island At first it seemed like a small shell afloat on the sea Then it grew larger and was a gull with folded wings At last in the rising sun it became what it really was a red ship with two red sails My brother and I had gone to the head of a canyon that winds down to a little harbor which is called Coral Cove We had gone to gather roots that grow there in the spring My brother Ramo was only a little boy half my age, which was twelve He was small for one who had lived so many suns and moons, but quick as a cricket Also foolish as a cricket when he was excited For this reason and because I wanted him to help me gather roots and not go running off, I said nothing about the shell I saw or the gull with folded wings I went on digging in the brush with my pointed stick as though nothing at all were happening on the sea Even when I knew for sure that the gull was a ship with two red sails But Ramos eyes missed little in the world They were black like a lizards and very large, and like the eyes of a lizard, could sometimes look sleepy This was the time when they saw the most This was the way they looked now They were half closed, like those of a lizard lying on a rock about to flick out its tongue to catch a fly The sea is smooth, Ramo said It is a flat stone without any scratches My brother liked to pretend that one thing was another The sea is not a stone without scratches, I said It is water and no waves To me it is a blue stone, he said And far away on the edge of it is a small cloud which sits on the stone Clouds do not sit on stones On blue ones or black ones or any kind of stones This one does Not on the sea, I said Dolphins sit there, and gulls, and cormorants, and otter, and whales too, but not clouds It is a whale, maybe Ramo was standing on one foot and then the other, watching the ship coming, which he did not know was a ship because he had never seen one I had never seen one either, but I knew how they looked because I had been told While you gaze at the sea, I said, I dig roots And it is I who will eat them and you who will not Ramo began to punch at the earth with his stick, but as the ship came closer, its sails showing red through the morning mist, he kept watching it, acting all the time as if he were not Have you ever seen a red whale he asked Yes, I said, though I never had Those I have seen are gray You are very young and have not seen everything that swims in the world Ramo picked up a root and was about to drop it into the basket Suddenly his mouth opened wide and then closed again A canoe he cried A great one, bigger than all of our canoes together And red A canoe or a ship, it did not matter to Ramo In the very next breath he tossed the root in the air and was gone, crashing through the brush, shouting as he went I kept on gathering roots, but my hands trembled as I dug in the earth, for I was excited than my brother I knew that it was a ship there on the sea and not a big canoe, and that a ship could mean many things I wanted to drop the stick and run too, but I went on digging roots because they were needed in the village By the time I filled the basket, the Aleut ship had sailed around the wide kelp bed that encloses our island and between the two rocks that guard Coral Cove Word of its coming had already reached the village of Ghalas at Carrying their weapons, our men sped along the trail which winds down to the shore Our women were gathering at the edge of the mesa I made my way through the heavy brush and, moving swiftly, down the ravine until I came to the sea cliffs There I crouched on my hands and knees Below me lay the cove The tide was out and the sun shone on the white sand of the beach Half the men from our village stood at the waters edge The rest were concealed among the rocks at the foot of the trail, ready to attack the intruders should they prove unfriendly As I crouched there in the toyon bushes, trying not to fall over the cliff, trying to keep myself hidden and yet to see and hear what went on below me, a boat left the ship Six men with long oars were rowing Their faces were broad, and shining dark hair fell over their eyes When they came closer I saw that they had bone ornaments thrust through their noses Behind them in the boat stood a tall man with a yellow beard I had never seen a Russian before, but my father had told me about them, and I wondered, seeing the way he stood with his feet set apart and his fists on his hips and looked at the little harbor as though it already belonged to him, if he were one of those men from the north whom our people feared I was certain of it when the boat slid in to the shore and he jumped out, shouting as he did so His voice echoed against the rock walls of the cove The words were strange, unlike any I had ever heard Slowly then he spoke in our tongue I come in peace and wish to parley, he said to the men on the shore None of them answered, but my father, who was one of those hidden among the rocks, came forward down the sloping beach He thrust his spear into the sand I am the Chief of Ghalas at, he said My name is Chief Chowig I was surprised that he gave his real name to a stranger Everyone in our tribe had two names, the real one which was secret and was seldom used, and one which was common, for if people use your secret name it becomes worn out and loses its magic Thus I was known as Won a pa lei, which means The Girl with the Long Black Hair, though my secret name is Karana My fathers secret name was Chowig Why he gave it to a stranger I do not know The Russian smiled and held up his hand, calling himself Captain Orlov My father also held up his hand I could not see his face, but I doubted that he smiled in return I have come with forty of my men, said the Russian We come to hunt sea otter We wish to camp on your island while we are hunting My father said nothing He was a tall man, though not so tall as Captain Orlov, and he stood with his bare shoulders thrown back, thinking about what the Russian had said He was in no hurry to reply because the Aleuts had come before to hunt otter That was long in the past, but my father still remembered them You remember another hunt, Captain Orlov said when my father was silent I have heard of it, too It was led by Captain Mitriff who was a fool and is now dead The trouble arose because you and your tribe did all of the hunting We hunted, said my father, but the one you call a fool wished us to hunt from one moon to the next, never ceasing This time you will need to do nothing, Captain Orlov said My men will hunt and we will divide the catch One part for you, to be paid in goods, and two parts for us The parts must be equal, my father said Captain Orlov gazed off toward the sea We can talk of that later when my supplies are safe ashore, he replied The morning was fair with little wind, yet it was the season of the year when storms could be looked for, so I understood why the Russian wished to move onto our island It is better to agree now, said my father Captain Orlov took two long steps away from my father, then turned and faced him One part to you is fair since the work is ours and ours the risk My father shook his head The Russian grasped his beard Since the sea is not yours, why do I have to give you any part The sea which surrounds the Island of the Blue Dolphins belongs to us, answered my father He spoke softly as he did when he was angry From here to the coast of Santa Barbara twenty leagues away No, only that which touches the island and where the otter live Captain Orlov made a sound in his throat He looked at our men standing on the beach and toward those who had now come from behind the rocks He looked at my father and shrugged his shoulders Suddenly he smiled, showing his long teeth The parts shall be equal, he said He said , but I did not hear it, for at that instant in my great excitement I moved a small rock, which clattered down the cliff and fell at his feet Everyone on the beach looked up Silently I left the toyon bushes and ran without stopping until I reached the mesa. 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