The Particles of the Universe 2: Disrupted

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The Particles of the Universe 2: Disrupted

き search The Particles of the Universe 2: Disrupted ⎒ Kindle By Jeff Yee ␝ In the late 1800s and early 1900s, our understanding of the elements that create the matter of the universe changed radically with the Periodic Table of Elements and the discovery of the proton Before these discoveries, it was believed that atomic elements were unique Gold, silver, iron and dozens of other elements are now attributed to a unique number of protons in an atomic nucleus After its simplification, this newfound understanding of the atom led to significant advancements in new materials, electronics and eventually nuclear energy By the late 1900s and early 2000s, a new problem surfaced with the atom and the complex behavior of its components This is referred to as the subatomic domain, which is the world that is smaller than the atom and the proton Dozens and dozens of subatomic particles have been discovered, analogous to what was once the discovery of new elements Billions of dollars, much of which is taxpayer funded, is spent on a science called particle physics that studies the strange behavior of these particles This science is extremely important for our future as a civilization because unlocking the mysteries of particles is the key to understanding energy itself Similar to the advancements that were made after the discovery of the proton in 1911, a revolution of new products awaits our entrepreneurs once the subatomic world can be rationalized like atomic elements were simplified.The issue is that there is a lack of innovation that has been able to cross the bridge from the scientific community to the business ecosystem How can products be developed when the scientific explanations for the subatomic world are dark matter, parallel universes and hidden dimensions Meanwhile, our existence as a species in the next centuries will be challenged if we dont find solutions to meet our energy needs An understanding of particles and energy requires a new explanation if we are to break this deadlock It requires rolling back a key assumption in physics that has held for than a century that is preventing progress Particles and light are known to have wave properties of energy, yet an assumption in science is that there is no material in the universe to carry these waves referred to as the aether Could you imagine if scientists were asked to explain an ocean wave without water existing in the ocean The original Particles of the Universe was a call to action to renew efforts of a science based on the aether Sufficient evidence exists for it and there is a reasonable explanation for why experiments fail to detect it Five years later, this is the sequel to the hypothesis of a simpler universe of matter and forces It is the proof to the hypothesis that an aether does exist and it logically explains the subatomic world of particles and photons and the forces that cause their motion It is the proof that there is a fundamental particle, equivalent to the proton for elements It is the proof that there is one set of laws for the universe regardless of size This sequel is the proof and it is intended as a framework for the entrepreneur, bridging a new science to products that solve real world problems The proof that is offered should be than sufficient for a skeptic that needs to put the theory to a test Rightfully so, it should be scrutinized and tested, as it makes bold claims that are counter to our understanding of particle physics today This is not the first time that science has been challenged, nor will it be the last Challenging and questioning the world in which we live is what leads to humankinds progress Feb 2018 Update Corrected nucleon stacking image for 4f element.May 2018 Update Corrected photon angle and length Added electromagnetism equation.Subscribe to the YouTube Channel for videos at details and downloads on the web site at Particles definition of Particles by The Free particle pr t k l n A very small piece or part a tiny portion speck the smallest possible amount, trace, degree not Official Minecraft Wiki Behavior are rendered as front facing D sprites, meaning they always face player They disappear after short animation, in which may change Particle Wikipedia term is usually applied differently to three classes sizes macroscopic particle, refers particles much larger than atoms and List This article includes list different types atomic sub found hypothesized exist whole universe categorized type What Particle Model Guide Solids, As teacher, one first topics I teach pupils upon entering High School hub investigates weird wonderful world The physics you symmetry magazine Not only we made fundamental particles, also produce them constantly bombarded throughout day particle Meaning Cambridge English Dictionary word that has grammatical purpose but often little no an extremely matter Definition Merriam Webster There evidence support their claim truth what he said phrasal verb look up consists Define at 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