True Ghost Stories: Hauntings at Sea: Real Haunted Ships, Boats, Oceans and Beaches (English Edition)

  • 92 pages
  • Anglais
  • Format Kindle
True Ghost Stories: Hauntings at Sea: Real Haunted Ships, Boats, Oceans and Beaches (English Edition)

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Are you interested in real ghost stories How about chilling tales involving haunted ships By haunted ships, I dont mean ghost ships wandering abandoned seas as disturbing as that may be , but something much frightening ships haunted by ghosts, some friendly and some, well, deadly.Within these pages you will read the fascinating true stories of haunted ships, including ships such as The Queen Mary, haunted by ghosts spanning the years from its days as a luxury cruise ship to its stress filled years as a troop ship during war time.The USS Hornet CV 12, which was the sight of numerous tragic deaths and just as many disturbing ghost sightings including a patient whose been waiting a long time to see the ships doctor.The UB 65 German submarine, which has quite the list of fatal accidents before its assembly was even complete including the ghost of a deceased officer standing on its deck right before it peculiarly sank.The Palatine, which was seen burning, but still sailing on the anniversary of its shipwreck many years after.Discover the true stories about ghosts who tear the sheets of the beds of unsuspecting guests on a famous luxury liner, ghastly crew members tragically, and possibly maliciously, killed whose faces appear in waves beside the ship, and a lifeboat rowed by a literal skeleton crew Learn about horrific accidents, rud curses, and even exorcisms of seafaring vessels Read about beautiful ghosts dressed to dance in one ships former ballroom, officers in their dress whites still hard at work, wet footprints left behind by ghosts enjoying a swimming pool no longer present, and mischievous ghosts just wanting to have some fun at the expense of the living Find out why you shouldnt take a modern cruise ship for granted for it might be haunted, and discover some ghosts are just trying to be helpful and comforting in their own, sometimes twisted, ways.You ll also find true stories of haunted beaches across the globe, including A beach in India next to a cremation ground where it seems tourists are drawn out into the waterand to their death.A beach in Singapore that was the site of multiple mass civilian executions in World War II, a tragedy that has been reenacted multiple times by the spirits of those involved.A stretch of beach in Canada haunted by a man who wasnt allowed to remain at rest in his chosen burial place by the sea.What seems to be a deceptively family friendly beach in Texasat least by day Find out about the types of ghosts that choose to haunt beaches, including aggressive sailors, frightening mermaid like creatures, and spirits whose presence can be felt even powerfully than if they were physically present Once you finished this book of true ghost stories involving ships and beaches, you might find yourself afraid to go near the wateragain.

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