Not Here

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Not Here

ᅪ Paperback Download @Not Here ᇞ Author Hieu Minh Nguyen ሯ Lambda Literary Award finalist, Minnesota Book Award finalist, andPoets Writers Debut Poets 2014Nguyen, a queer Vietnamese American, confronts whiteness, trauma, family, and nostalgia in poems that ache with loneliness, desire, and the giddy terrors of hoping for love.Publishers Weekly Hieu Minh Nguyens Not Here is a book I brace for, in awe and relief His work is so tight, searing, and unabashedly sharp and full at once His poems turn me into a horizontal entity Reading them, I have to lie down They remind me of gravity, how it pins me to the world without ever touching me Hieus work is like that A kind of force Or better yet, a force of kindness.Literary HubHieu Minh Nguyen s poems travel through time.PBS NewsHour Nguyen s writing is by turns electrifying and somber, heartrending and triumphant He packs a devastating amount of emotion into just a few words, and each poem bristles with striking images.Hyphen Sometimes, to avoid a catastrophe the disappearance of a limb or relative, you must make sure everything burns, we are told in Hieu Minh NguyensNot Here.These brilliant poems illuminate those spaces between sincerity and mischief, vulnerability and audacity.Nguyens irrepressible warmth is fueled by honesty, longing, and curiosity.Everything burns in this amazing collection.Not Hereblazes and enlightens Terrance HayesHieu s book should be required reading He is patient with his ghosts, letting each sing its song of broken glass and burning houses and bathroom rugs as band aids for black mold I can t imagine life without these poems Thank you Hieu.Bao Phi, author of Sng I SingThis Way To the Sugar explodes with a longing to hold the past and future, make them dance and give birth to Hieu Minh Nguyen, who the whole time has been spinning each line into impossible being These are gut wrenching, thought provoking, death defying poems filled with brilliant bursts of gusto that will clear out your houseinfested with subtitles.Ed Bok Lee, author of Whorled Real Karaoke People The worlds Nguyen summons and dismisses in these poems are mesmerizing, like the visions of a sorcerer, but not because theyre magicalbecause theyre real All of them animated by a wild wit that feels like it could throw a car like a baseball Ive been waiting for this book, and if youve ever read one of these, you probably have been toothis is an essential debut.Not Hereis here Alexander Chee, author of The Queen of the NightHieu Minh Nguyens fabulous book of poems, Not Here, is just one of those books you cant stopreading There are so many complicated relationships traversed in this book, of which the speakers relationship with his mother is the primary one Nguyen is a magician with form, using a variety of forms as a way of searching and longing but never finding As the speaker says Let me be clear any love I find will be treason.This is a book about desire, about race, about sexual identity, about the slippage of memory, about culture The writing is fierce and sad, and so skilled It crackles It is essential Victoria Chang You owe it to yourself to read this book That may sound exaggerated, but it is my hallowed truth Hieu Minh Nguyen s poetry reminds me why I began writing and why I love this genre His work is crisp and brave and incredibly alive Each poem will thump inside you like a new heart.Sierra DeMulder, author of Today Means Amen Hieu Minh Nguyen was born in 1991, a child of Vietnamese immigrants, his debut collection of poetry, This Way to the Sugar, was a finalist for both the MN Book Awards and the Lambda Literary Awards Nguyen has received awards and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, Kundiman, the Vermont Studio Center, the Minnesota State Arts Board, and the Loft Literary Center His poems have appeared in Poetry, The Offing, BuzzFeed, The Academy of American Poets, and elsewhere He lives in Minneapolis. Ph ng Php H c Ti Anh Hi u Qu Nh t, Ch C n Pht Ph php h ti anh hi qu lc B ni d dng b o m cho ph minh Not Here

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