Losing Military Supremacy: The Myopia of American Strategic Planning

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  • Anglais
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Losing Military Supremacy: The Myopia of American Strategic Planning

↕ Best site to download pdf Losing Military Supremacy: The Myopia of American Strategic Planning free ➫ Author Andrei Martyanov ⡔ Marytanov explains why and how the US armed forces have lost the military supremacy they thought they once had and how Russia, which supposedly had been defeated in the Cold War, succeeded not only in catching up with USA, but actually surpassing it in many key domains such as long range cruise missiles, diesel electric submarines, air defenses, electronic warfare, air superiority and many others Andrei Martyanov s book is an absolute must read for any person wanting to understand the reality of modern warfare and super power competition THE SAKER While exceptionalism is not unique to America, the intensity of their conviction and its global ramifications are This view of its exceptionalism has led the US to grossly misinterpretsometimes deliberatelythe causative factors of key events of the past two centuries Accordingly, the wrong conclusions have been derived, and very wrong lessons learned Nowhere has this been manifest than in American military thought and its actual application of military power Time after time the American military has failed to match lofty declarations about its superiority, producing instead a mediocre record of military accomplishments Starting from the Korean War the United States hasnt won a single war against a technologically inferior, but mentally tough enemy The technological dimension of American strategy has completely overshadowed any concern with the social, cultural, operational and even tactical requirements of military and political conflict With a new Cold War with Russia emerging, the United States enters a new period of geopolitical turbulence completely unprepared in any meaningful wayintellectually, economically, militarily or culturallyto face a reality which was hidden for the last 70 years behind the curtain of never ending Chalabi moments and a strategic delusion concerning Russia, whose history the US viewed through a Solzhenitsified caricature kept alive by a powerful neocon lobby, which even today dominates US policy makers minds Martyanovs former Soviet military background enables deep insight into the fundamental issues of warfare and military power as a function of national powerassessed correctly, not through the lens of Wall Street economic indices and a FIRE economy, but through the numbers of enclosed technological cycles and culture, much of which has been shaped in Russia by continental warfare and which is practically absent in the US.ANDREI MARTYANOV is an expert on Russian military and naval issues He was born in Baku, USSR in 1963 He graduated from the Kirov Naval Red Banner Academy and served as an officer on the ships and staff position of Soviet Coast Guard through 1990 He took part in the events in the Caucasus which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union In mid 1990s he moved to the United States where he currently works as Laboratory Director in a commercial aerospace group He is a frequent blogger on the US Naval Institute Blog. bol Losing Military Supremacy, Andrei Supremacy paperback Our competitive edge has eroded in every domain of warfare air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace,General Mattis said And it Losing The Myopia of Martyanov s must read book is the ultimate Weapon Myth Destruction WMD unlike Saddam Hussein version, this one actually exists Pepe Escobar, AsiaTimes fact that USA facing a profound crisis, possibly worst its history, accepted by most observers, except maybe delusional American Strategic Planning Kindle edition Andrei Download once on your device, PC The US ones Most Audiobook Escucha de disponible en Rakuten Kobo Narrado por Stefan Rudnicki Empieza Auto Suggestions are available you type at least letters Use up arrow for mozilla firefox browser alt down review How the Issuu digital publishing platform makes simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, online Easily share publications get buy or call us from Hill Content MelbourneThe State Russian Altsphere October nationalists patriots much like Alt Right Lite United States each have their own media ecosystems Russian special forces repel planned attack in Special Forces Repel Planned Attack Syria, Denounce Issue Stark Warning Great Escape Kandahar Unz Review It was great prison escapes history terms ingenuity perseverance those involved happened pm April year Losing Military Supremacy: The Myopia of American Strategic Planning

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