The Cardinal of the Kremlin (A Jack Ryan Novel Book 3) (English Edition)

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The Cardinal of the Kremlin (A Jack Ryan Novel Book 3) (English Edition)

↕ Popular online The Cardinal of the Kremlin (A Jack Ryan Novel Book 3) (English Edition) torent ↑ Ebook By Tom Clancy ❊ Two men possess vital information on Russias Star Wars missile defense system One of them is CARDINAL America s highest agent in the Kremlin and he s about to be terminated by the KGB The other one is the American who can save CARDINAL and lead the world to the brink of peace or war Here is author Tom Clancy s heart stopping masterpiece a riveting novel about one of the most intriguing issues of our time. PrologueThreats Old, New, and TimelessThey called him the Archer It was an honorable title, though his countrymen had cast aside their reflex bows over a century before, as soon as they had learned about firearms In part, the name reflected the timeless nature of the struggle The first of the Western invaders for that was how they thought of them had been Alexander the Great, and had followed since Ultimately, all had failed The Afghan tribesmen held their Islamic faith as the reason for their resistance, but the obstinate courage of these men was as much a part of their racial heritage as their dark pitiless eyes.The Archer was a young man, and an old one On those occasions that he had both the desire and the opportunity to bathe in a mountain stream, anyone could see the youthful muscles on his thirty year old body They were the smooth muscles of one for whom a thousand foot climb over bare rock was as unremarkable a part of life as a stroll to the mailbox.It was his eyes that were old The Afghans are a handsome people whose forthright features and fair skin suffer quickly from wind and sun and dust, too often making them older than their years For the Archer, the damage had not been done by wind A teacher of mathematics until three years before, a college graduate in a country where most deemed it enough to be able to read the holy Koran, he d married young, as was the custom in his land, and fathered two children But his wife and daughter were dead, killed by rockets fired from a Sukhoi 24 attack fighter His son was gone Kidnapped After the Soviets had flattened the village of his wife s family with air power, their ground troops had come, killing the remaining adults and sweeping up all the orphans for shipment to the Soviet Union, where they would be educated and trained in other modern ways All because his wife had wanted her mother to see the grandchildren before she died, the Archer remembered, all because a Soviet patrol had been fired upon a few kilometers from the village On the day he d learned this a week after it had actually happened the teacher of algebra and geometry had neatly stacked the books on his desk and walked out of the small town of Ghazni into the hills A week later he d returned to the town after dark with three other men and proved that he was worthy of his heritage by killing three Soviet soldiers and taking their arms He still carried that first Kalashnikov.But that was not why he was known as the Archer The chief of his little band of mudjaheddin the name means Freedom Fighter was a perceptive leader who did not look down upon the new arrival who d spent his youth in classrooms, learning foreign ways Nor did he hold the young man s initial lack of faith against him When the teacher joined the group, he d had only the most cursory knowledge of Islam, and the headman remembered the bitter tears falling like rain from the young man s eyes as their imam had counseled him in Allah s will Within a month he d become the most ruthless and most effective man in the band, clearly an expression of God s own plan And it was he whom the leader had chosen to travel to Pakistan, where he could use his knowledge of science and numbers to learn the use of surface to air missiles The first SAMS with which the quiet, serious man from Amerikastan had equipped the mudjaheddin had been the Soviets own SA 7, known by the Russians as strela, arrow The first man portable SAM, it was not overly effective unless used with great skill Only a few had such skill Among them the arithmetic teacher was the best, and for his successes with the Russian arrows, the men in the group took to calling him the Archer.He waited with a new missile at the moment, the American one called Stinger, but all of the surface to air missiles in this group indeed, throughout the whole area were merely called arrows now tools for the Archer He lay on the knife edge of a ridge, a hundred meters below the summit of the hill, from which he could survey the length of a glacial valley Beside him was his spotter, Abdul The name appropriately meant servant, since the teenager carried two additional missiles for his launcher and, importantly, had the eyes of a falcon They were burning eyes He was an orphan.The Archer s eyes searched the mountainous terrain, especially the ridgelines, with an expression that reflected a millennium of combat A serious man, the Archer Though friendly enough, he was rarely seen to smile he showed no interest in a new bride, not even to join his lonely grief to that of a newly made widow His life had room for but a single passion.There, Abdul said quietly, pointing.I see it.The battle on the valley floor one of several that day had been under way for thirty minutes, about the proper time for the Soviet soldiers to get support from their helicopter base twenty kilometers over the next line of mountains The sun glinted briefly off the Mi 24 s glass covered nose, enough for them to see it, ten miles off, skirting over the ridgeline Farther overhead, and well beyond his reach, circled a single Antonov 26 twin engine transport It was filled with observation equipment and radios to coordinate the ground and air action But the Archer s eyes followed only the Mi 24, a Hind attack helicopter loaded with rockets and cannon shells that even now was getting information from the circling command aircraft.The Stinger had come as a rude surprise to the Russians, and their air tactics were changing on a daily basis as they struggled to come to terms with the new threat The valley was deep, but narrow than the rule For the pilot to hit the Archer s fellow guerrillas, he had to come straight down the rocky avenue He d stay high, at least a thousand meters over the rocky floor for fear that a Stinger team might be down there with the riflemen The Archer watched the helicopter zigzag in flight as the pilot surveyed the land and chose his path As expected, the pilot approached from leeward so that the wind would delay the sound of his rotor for the few extra seconds that might be crucial The radio in the circling transport would be tuned to the frequencies known to be used by the mudjaheddin so that the Russians could detect a warning of its approach, and also an indication where the missile team might be Abdul did indeed carry a radio, switched off and tucked in the folds of his clothing.Slowly, the Archer raised the launcher and trained its two element sight on the approaching helicopter His thumb went sideways and down on the activation switch, and he nestled his cheekbone on the conductance bar He was instantly rewarded with the warbling screech of the launcher s seeker unit The pilot had made his assessment, and his decision He came down the far side of the valley, just beyond missile range, for his first firing run The Hind s nose was down, and the gunner, sitting in his seat in front of and slightly below the pilot, was training his sights on the area where the fighters were Smoke appeared on the valley floor The Soviets used mortar shells to indicate where their tormentors were, and the helicopter altered course slightly It was almost time Flames shot out of the helicopter s rocket pods, and the first salvo of ordnance streaked downward.Then another smoke trail came up The helicopter lurched left as the smoke raced into the sky, well clear of the Hind, but still a positive indication of danger ahead or so the pilot thought The Archer s hands tightened on the launcher The helicopter was sideslipping right at him now, expanding around the inner ring of the sight It was now in range The Archer punched the forward button with his left thumb, uncaging the missile and giving the infrared seeker head on the Stinger its first look at the heat radiating from the Mi 24 s turboshaft engines The sound carried through his cheekbone into his ear changed The missile was now tracking the target The Hind s pilot decided to hit the area from which the missile had been launched at him, bringing the aircraft farther left, and turning slightly Unwittingly, he turned his jet exhaust almost right at the Archer as he warily surveyed the rocks from which the rocket had come.The missile screamed its readiness at the Archer now, but still he was patient He put his mind into that of his target, and judged that the pilot would come closer still before his helicopter had the shot he wanted at the hated Afghans And so he did When the Hind was only a thousand meters off, the Archer took a deep breath, superelevated his sight, and whispered a brief prayer of vengeance The trigger was pulled almost of its own accord.The launcher bucked in his hands as the Stinger looped slightly upward before dropping down to home on its target The Archer s eyes were sharp enough to see it despite the almost invisible smoke trail it left behind The missile deployed its maneuvering fins, and these moved a few fractions of a millimeter in obedience to the orders generated by its computer brain a microchip the size of a postage stamp Aloft in the circling An 26, an observer saw a tiny puff of dust and began to reach for a microphone to relay a warning, but his hand had barely touched the plastic instrument before the missile struck.The missile ran directly into one of the helicopter s engines and exploded The helicopter was crippled instantly The driveshaft for the tail rotor was cut, and the Hind began spinning violently to the left while the pilot tried to auto rotate the aircraft down, frantically looking for a flat place while his gunner radioed a shrill call for rescue The pilot brought the engine to idle, unloading his collective to control torque, locked his eyes on a flat space the size of a tennis court, then cut his switches and activated the onboard Tom Clancy Wikipedia Thomas Leo Jr April , October was an American novelist best known for his technically detailed espionage and military science storylines Wikipdia dit Tom Clancy, n Balti dans le Maryland tats Unis avril et mort er octobre la mme ville, est un Baltimora, aprile ottobre stato uno scrittore, sceneggiatore e autore di videogiochi statunitense, famoso Wikipedia, enciclopedia libre Balti, de abril ibdem, octubre ms conocido como fue escritor estadounidense, Leben und Schaffen Biographie wurde in geboren Er besuchte die Loyola Blakefield Highschool Towson schloss diese ab Fiction Novels is America s, the world favorite international thriller author Starting with The Hunt Red October, all thirteen of previous books have wolna encyklopedia w a c ur kwietnia zm pa dziernika tam ameryka ski pisarz powie ci sensacyjnych letrajza marylandi ban szletett ben vgezte el kzpiskolt, ahonnan felvtelt nyert balti Dead or Alive Enter your mobile number email address below we ll send you link to download free Kindle App Then can start reading on smartphone novel THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, hit Category Films based works by Clancy Pages category following pages are this category, out total This list may not reflect recent changes bol Boeken kopen Kijk snel van lezen koop je eenvoudig online bij bol Vele aanbiedingen Gratis retourneren dagen Clear artikelen Alle online Op zoek naar Artikelen Fantastic Fiction Author s complete series order, latest releases, covers, descriptions availability branding used video game company Ubisoft games, some which featuring while majority Thriller Bruna Bekijk alle boeken overzicht Division Standard Edition In staat het lot vrije wereld op spel Leid een team elite agenten postpandemisch Washington DC om orde te alles Engelse Bestel Boeken, en eBooks Voor besteld, morgen huis % korting voor vaste klanten Altijd inspirerend advies PS, Xbox One, pc Ubisoft Officile website echte RPG met meer verschillende missies uitdagingen, nieuw eindspel andere noviteiten jarenlang vermaken The Cardinal of the Kremlin (A Jack Ryan Novel Book 3) (English Edition)

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