Kundalini Awakening 2.0: 17 Tools and Techniques For a Life With Shakti (English Edition)

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Kundalini Awakening 2.0: 17 Tools and Techniques For a Life With Shakti (English Edition)

ᘊ The Best ৰ Kundalini Awakening 2.0: 17 Tools and Techniques For a Life With Shakti (English Edition) ᚏ Kindle Ebook By Jon Andre Lundal ᛡ Are you searching for techniques to awaken the Kundalini Shakti Do you simply know that Kundalini is for you, but can t explain why Your soul may be calling for a Kundalini Awakening And Kundalini may be calling you.In Kundalini Awakening 2.0 you ll be given 17 tools and techniques that will empower and give you the confidence to awaken Kundalini The techniques are easy to follow, but very powerful despite their ease.With this book you ll have everything you need to hit the ground running It will remove the pain of constantly gathering bits and pieces to find what really works These techniques have been used, tested and proven successful in the Kundalini process.This book has Life with Shakti in its title for a reason Kundalini is a commitment to your highest spiritual good It s an unfolding of the abundance of your soul A life with Shakti is a life where your full potential, on every level, is honored and attained.

KUNDALINI AWAKENING IS A WAY OF SAYINGYES YES to Spiritual AbundanceYES to Your Soul s CallingYES to Your DreamsYES to Spiritual TransformationYES to Divine UnionYES to Physical HealingYES to Mental HealingYES to Karmic ReleaseYES to Being RebornYES to YOU and Your FULL POTENTIAL

Content overview Preface Introduction Chapter 1 Why Awaken the Kundalini Chapter 2 Red Hot Chili Method Chapter 3 The Taming Fire with Water Technique Chapter 4 The Elements Chapter 5 Spiritual Secrets Chapter 6 The Art of the Phoenix Chapter 7 The Snake Charmer Technique Chapter 8 The Power of Spiritual Intentions Chapter 9 The Cobra Pose Chapter 10 Don t make THIS mistake when Kundalini Awakens Chapter 11 The Number One KEY to Awakening the Kundalini Chapter 12 This is How You Merge into Union with Kundalini Chapter 13 Shiva Shakti Divine Union Igniter Chapter 14 The Bullet Proof Tank Method to Plow Through the Dark Night Of The SoulBONUS CHAPTERSBONUS Chapter 15 The Dragon s Breath Pranayama ActivatorBONUS Chapter 16 Internal Beltane Fire TechniqueBONUS Chapter 17 Gaze of the Eagle TechniqueBONUS Chapter 18 Pharaoh s Pet Cobra TechniqueBONUS Chapter 19 Spiritual Alchemy Through KundaliniI sincerely hope you benefit greatly from reading and applying what I myself have used over the years Kundalini is an amazing opportunity to create positive change and attain one s peak spiritual potential.I believe there is no path powerful nor rewarding than that of a Kundalini Awakening and pursuing a life with Shakti.

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