Wicca Crystal Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Practicing Wiccan Crystal Magic, with Simple Crystal Spells (Wicca Books Book 4) (English Edition)

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Wicca Crystal Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Practicing Wiccan Crystal Magic, with Simple Crystal Spells (Wicca Books Book 4) (English Edition)

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Everything You Need to Know to Start Working With Magical Crystals Today

Since the beginning of recorded history, people have revered the beauty and power of crystals and other mineral stones, incorporating them into religious artwork, weaponry, healing techniques andof coursemagic From the quartz talismans of Egyptian pharaohs to the Aztec ceremonial masks of turquoise, malachite and jade, these natural delights have been prized by cultures all around the globe.Todays practitioners of the magical arts use crystals for a variety of powerful workings related to health, wealth, love, protection, divination and Whether its in the form of an elixir for imbibing confidence promoting energies, a small polished stone placed with herbs in a love sachet, or a favorite crystal emitting positive vibrations in your sacred space, crystals and other mineral stones are powerful and highly versatile tools of magic In Crystal Magic, Wiccan author Lisa Chamberlain explores the many magical uses of these natural beauties and the underlying Universal forces that make it all work But while this guide is written from the perspective of Wiccans and other Witches, you need not consider yourself a Wiccan or a Witch to benefit from the magical power of crystals and stones As you will see within these pages, the energies of these Earth creations are universal and can be harnessed by anyone, anytime So whether youre new to magic, new to crystals, or new to both, youll find this guide to be an invaluable resource for your spiritual practice.Most books about crystal magic fall into one of two categories encyclopedias and spell books While there are some wonderfully comprehensive encyclopedia style books out there that describe the magical properties of hundreds of different crystals and stones, they tend to provide little or no practical information about using them in spellwork Likewise, there are a few good practical books that focus on crystal centered spells, but they dont tell you much about the nature and properties of the crystals and stones involved in the work Crystal Magic was created to bridge these two worlds by incorporating both elements a solid overview of 13 widely used crystals in Wiccan magic, along with a comprehensive look at their practical applications in everyday spellwork This approach is especially handy for those who are just beginning to build a collection of magical stones, since the spells themselves use only the stones featured in the guide

Foundations of Crystal Magic

Of course, its not enough to simply buy a few pretty stones and say some magic words over them You have to build a personal relationship with your crystals if you want to work with them successfully This guide will help you to do just that, with plenty of need to know information, including How crystals and mineral stones are formed in the Earth and how theyre classified How their unique energetic vibrations can help you shape the reality of your daily life on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes Profiles of 13 of the most widely used crystals and stones in contemporary Witchcraft How to choose and care for your own crystals, including clearing and charging them for use in magic How to harness the projective and receptive energies of crystals Several spells and magical workings using crystals, including elixirs, candle spells and charmsBy the end of this guide, youll have a solid foundation from which to build your own practice of working with crystals But be sure to let the stones themselves guide you as wellthey are natural teachers from deep inside the Earth and can aid you on your path no matter where it leads you

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