Love's Promise (First Street Church Romances Book 2)

  • 193 pages
  • English
  • Paperback
Love's Promise (First Street Church Romances Book 2)

→ Popular online ⫸ Love's Promise (First Street Church Romances Book 2) torent ⠇ PDF by Melissa Storm ⡁ This is a must read It This is the most realistic romance that I have read in a long time from RoseThis is a great book It is filled with romance, hope, love and great characters I feel that the people in this book are my friends from Kate SchoenherrMelissa is an amazing author She makes her characters come alive and the reader has a front row seat from Pam FosterMelissa has done it again She makes you feel as if their characters are your friends too from NatiThis book is so very inspiring, its about how two people learn to trust God and themselves Melissa, thank you for writing such a powerful story from Joyce DayIf you are having doubts about your worth in this world, you need to read this book from Rosemary PfeifferThis is a very sweet romance but it is also so much Main characters are dealing with major issues of body image, family expectations, diabetes, responsibilities of friendship You know from reading this that the author has experienced some of these herself, especially gastric bypass, as they are very realistic from Kec200If you love Christian fiction, you wont want to miss this series from Anne BlythWhen you can see pieces of yourself within a story, you know that youve found something special We all need a little help, that voice of encouragement to inspire us to push through and never give up Loves Promise is that voice from Isha ColemanMelissa Storm delivers with Loves Promise I really enjoyed the unique storyline featuring such a real topic from Maryam L. My blog entry for September 14, 2014, the day I finally admitted I needed to have gastric bypass surgery, my confession, my Kristina Rose moment I have a secret Sure, Ive let it out in bits and spurts, but fully admitting it has been hard to do I try my best to appear confident, but I am so crippled by poor self esteem that I sometimes find it hard to function Im than one hundred pounds overweight quite literally stuck inside a dungeon of my own making.It wasnt always like this Thus, its taken me a long time to truly recognize how bad this problem has gotten But now Im finally looking at what Ive allowed myself to become and am admitting that I cant beat this thing on my own Ive decided to go through with weight loss surgery, and this decision, along with the physical and emotional healing process, is something I plan to write about frequently I think sharing my fears, my shame, and my eventual triumphs will not only help me recover help me escape but it could help others like me, too.So let me begin my confessionI have always been just a little bit overweight, enough to give me nice curves and to fill out my five feet ten frame And I always hated myself for that I wondered why I couldnt be skinny like other girls, why men didnt find me desirable when in fact many did , and what was wrong with me During my first year of college, I developed a form of anorexia where I would exercise at a high intensity for four to six hours per day even when my doctor told me to cut it out, and I became underweight I didnt care I had lost the extra twenty pounds I had always carried around with me and another thirty pounds on top of that and all within two short months I could fit into a size 6, and I had guys throwing themselves at me It was awesome.But I couldnt keep it up A health issue arose that led me to regain that fifty and then another thirty on top of that, bringing me to my highest weight ever This began my yo yo dieting exercise period I would gain and lose that same fifty pounds over and over again, so quickly it was hard to believe.The most recent time I lost that fifty saw my health ascend to a new and glorious peak I was mindful of my exercise addiction sort of and took up hiking and jogging as a way to skirt the rules I had set in place for myself I could run for an hour without stopping I could hike thirty miles at a go It, too, was awesome, even awesome than being skinny and spending my entire day doing cardio had been.That was in 2011, the last time I felt good about myself.Four things happened to seal my fate as an obese person.1 I started a business, and it took off I worked one hundred hours per week for about two years running I didnt have the time to worry about my health.2 My first marriage collapsed With that came a lot of terrible things that I would prefer to keep private, but these things destroyed any remaining scraps of self esteem to which Id managed to cling and brought out the emotional eating monster that haunts me to this day.3 After a whirlwind romance and remarriage still very happy, thank you , I got pregnantand sick I put on about sixty pounds during my pregnancy and racked up three complications One of these was preeclampsia, which caused my limbs and face to swell with water and hasnt gone away to this day, even though my daughter has almost reached her first birthday.4 I herniated two discs in my lower lumbar, an injury that is constantly reaggravated, causes intense pain, and limits my mobility to an incredible degree.So now here I sit, writing this extremely personal and lets face it incredibly embarrassing journal entry, than one hundred pounds overweight And even though I just spelled it out for all to see, I cant help but wonder again and again How did I let this happen to me You might think that I should have seen this coming, and maybe a part of me did But another part of me feels like I one day magically woke up with a hundred pounds of fat of fat trapping the real me beneath it.At first, I tried to laugh it off, tried to empower it off Ive done this before I can do it again And I tried and tried and tried Each time, Id lose ten to twenty pounds and then get hopelessly stuck The lingering edema from my pregnancy wouldnt let my weight fall past a certain laughably high set point, and my back injury kept me off the exercise circuits Believe me, I tried to challenge it and now have to take painkillers twice per day every day for that folly.My warped, funhouse mirror esque image stared back at me every time I dared to look at myself, its taunting only amplified by the echoing tick of my biological clock I wanted I want another child so badly, but getting pregnant again could very well kill me just as it nearly did the first time I cant leave my husband without a wife, my daughter without a mother, yet I cant accept not being able to give her a sibling.This is when I started to warm up to the idea of weight loss surgery And I felt like a total failure for even considering it I should be able to do this on my own But I couldnt Id tried and failed I had doctors telling me that the edema and back injury were standing in my way, yet neither condition was improving.So, racked with doubt, I asked my ob gyn about weight loss surgery He knows my case history and special challenges better than anyone, and he said it would be a great thing for me I took his referral, set the appointment, and started wondering how I would admit to everyone in my life that I had failed, that my fat was a disease.Im so glad I went My new doctor was incredibly supportive and really understood what I was going through Hed seen it so many times before He explained that the two medical conditions holding me back were very real concerns they transformed my obesity from a condition into a disease I really needed to take this extra step.And Im starting to believe him.There, Ive admitted my deepest insecurities my weight and the feeling as if Ive somehow failed And admitting it is the first step to getting better, right I am always happy to help others who stand where I stand, have stood where Ive stood If you have questions or just need someone to listen, dont hesitate to reach out. 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