Nolo's Deposition Handbook

  • 368 pages
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  • English
  • Digital
Nolo's Deposition Handbook

← Beginning reader ⇬ Nolo's Deposition Handbook kindergarten ← PDF by 30usednewfrom ❰ Take the mystery out of your deposition with this comprehensive guide Getting deposed Here s the book you need Nolo s Deposition Handbook is for anyone who will conduct a deposition or will be deposed providing all the information, tips and instructions you need whether or not you re represented by a lawyer Packed with concrete suggestions and examples, the book explains how to arrange a convenient date prepare for the deposition respond to questions with aplomb ask the right questions You ll even learn the three golden rules for answering questions and the trick questions lawyers often use to influence testimony Written by two UCLA law professors and attorneys, Nolo s Deposition Handbook provides all the information you need to sail through the deposition process with confidence A perfect book for law students, lawyers, legal assistants, witnesses, expert witnesses and people who represent themselves in court. Nolo s Plain English Law Dictionary Gerald Hill, Kathleen Editors Books Formal Discovery Gathering Evidence for Your Learn about discovery the legal procedures used to gather evidence a lawsuit The girl with mind math story of Ra Mosca, Julia Finley, autho Nolo's Deposition Handbook

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