Chill: Stress-Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, Peaceful You

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Chill: Stress-Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, Peaceful You

ш Free online Chill: Stress-Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, Peaceful You download ⢙ Book By Deborah Reber ⢻ Chill 1 WHAT IS STRESS Stress seems to be on just about everyones minds these days I get tons of e mails and letters from teen girls sharing their personal tales of stress and angst in their lives So how do you define stress Stress is the feeling you get when youre taking on too much, or people are demanding on you too much ZOE, AGE 17 I would define stress as being overwhelmed with a certain problem or person ALIA, AGE 16 Stress is tension, whether emotional or physical You can be stressed out about friendship troubles, or you can be stressed out about lack of sleep You can get impatient in a long line at the grocery store, or your body can be stressed out by overexerting yourself in an exercise or sport GWYN, AGE 15 All great definitions Heres how the American Academy of Pediatrics defines stress Stress is the uncomfortable feeling you get when youre worried, scared, frustrated, or overwhelmed It is caused by emotions, but it affects your mood and your body That definition might be straightforward enough, but stress sure doesnt feel straightforward to deal with Yes, its a normal part of life, but that doesnt mean it wont take a toll Let stress run rampant and your mind, body, and soul will pay the price The Origins of Stress Have you ever been in a situation where you went from calm to terrified in a split second Maybe you were jolted awake in the middle of the night by a suspicious noise coming from inside your house Or maybe you stepped into a busy intersection just as a car darted out of nowhere and narrowly missed hitting you Maybe you were water skiing, and, as you waited for the boat to swing around and pick you up, your mind turned to the movie Jaws, and you nearly freaked out big time When youre thrust into a situation that feels dangerous, scary, or potentially life threatening, your body switches to autopilot, and your nervous system takes over Once your brain makes an internal announcement that something is wrong, your body responds by automatically releasing the hormone adrenaline into the blood stream Thats when the party really gets started The adrenaline affects you by increasing your heart rate so you can take in oxygen in case you need to run or exert yourself raising your blood pressure a result of your heart beating faster and your blood vessels constricting sending blood to your muscles so youll be ready to react quickly and with power Your body also releases cortisol, another hormone that works with adrenaline to give you a quick burst of energy improve your memory increase your ability to withstand pain If youve ever experienced a surge of adrenaline, or an adrenaline rush, you might have noticed that things suddenly appeared to be happening in slow motion Maybe you felt a rush of blood to your arms, legs, hands, or feet Or maybe you broke out in a sweat, or suddenly felt shaky and nauseous These are all classic symptoms of the fight or flight response, a subconscious preparation by your body to do what it takesstay and fight or turn and runto survive any situation They are also the classic symptoms of what we call stress In emergencies, stress can be a good thing Its a survival tool, and a pretty efficient one at that Stress isnt always a negative in your day to day life, either Its stress that gives you that extra oomph while youre playing in the state soccer tournament, or when youre pushing to meet an impossible deadline Small amounts of stress can keep you on your toes and push you to perform at your highest level But what happens when youre dealt too much When Stress Doesnt Go Away Just as your bodys stress responses switch on during an emergency, theyre supposed to switch off once the crisis has passed Your heart rate should go back to normal, the sweating should stop, and the queasy feeling in your stomach should vanish But the problem comes in when your body repeatedly gets tricked into responding to stresses that arent life threatening Anxiety about next weeks midterm can trigger the same fight or flight response as a serious threat But since you dont actually need your survival hormones to get through your midterm, youre left with extra adrenaline and cortisol hanging around The result Chronic stress Your body starts exhibiting classic stress symptoms all the time Instead of giving you a boost to power through an emergency, the stress starts wearing you down And thats when the trouble begins What Stress Does Being seriously stressed out can cause all kinds of not so pleasant side effects, including trouble sleeping tense muscles and muscle pain stomachaches, digestion problems, and or constipation headaches, including migraines irritability and moodiness feeling down about everything impaired cognitive functioning unexpected emotional outbursts such as crying or laughing for no reason an irregular heartbeat or rapid heart rate lowered immunity being susceptible to illness or rashes difficulty concentrating acne Dealing with even one of these symptoms on a regular basis would wreak havoc on your peace factor And when your stress runs rampant, its also potentially damaging to your long term health Overstressed teens are at a much higher risk for developing depression, panic or anxiety disorders, and drug abuse problems as adults The Stress Roller Coaster Once you buckle up for a ride on the stress roller coaster, it can sometimes be hard to climb off Heres an example of how stress feeds on itself in a vicious cycle You feel anxious about something you lose sleep youre constantly tired you rely on sugar and caffeine to perk you up you become nutritionally imbalanced you lack the energy to do anything about what you originally felt anxious about you feel anxiety and stress and back to the beginning again Youve probably already come up with some healthy ways to release your stress, but sometimes you might be coping in unhealthy ways toogetting into fights or lashing out at parents and friends, keeping your emotions and anxieties bottled up inside, bullying other people, or experimenting with drinking, doing drugs, engaging in risky sexual behavior, or cutting You cant always control the stressful situations that life throws your way, but you can control how you deal with your stress To find your best stress solution, you need to figure out what it is youre so stressed out about in the first place Read on to find out what teens everywhere say are their biggest stress sources Chances are, youll realize youre not alone.WHATS YOUR SECRET FOR STOMPING OUT STRESS I write a lot of poetry and songs to relieve my stress it helps to get everything out DEVIN, AGE 15 My technique for relieving stress is running on the treadmill and listening to my favorite music Also, just reading a book or magazine while listening to music is stress relieving for me SAMANTHA, AGE 16 Ive kept diaries since I was eight years old, and I write almost every night It relaxes me and helps me fall asleep ABIGAIL, AGE 18 I make sure I have alone time ALYSSA, AGE 16TIME OUT FACING THE FUTURE During the writing of this book, the US was slowly crawling its way out of a recession The job market, especially for entry level positions, is particularly tight, even with a four year college degree, and students are drowning in loan debt that makes it and difficult for them to have a decent standard of living as young, independent adults Theres no way to predict what will happen with the job market and economy in years to come, but the not knowing can be just as stressful, especially for teens looking ahead to whats next The truth is, it can be hard to dream big when everywhere you turn theres a reminder about just how hard things can be Its enough to make even the most self possessed, optimistic girl have a bit of a meltdown LET IT GO There are many strategies to help you deal with future stress freak outs, but the most powerful one is to let go of what you cant control Remind yourself that what happens in the future is no in your control than whether or not its going to rain Sunday or which numbers will be drawn in the next Mega Millions lottery By holding on to worry and stress over the what ifs What if I cant find a job What if my career dreams dont pan out What if the economy tanks again and I have to live at home until Im thirty , youre essentially trying to control the future, as if your anxiety is actually a super power you can use to will the future to align with what you want Um, that doesnt work In fact, as I write in chapter eight, dwelling on fear and negativity can actually bring fear and negativity into your life And thats pretty much the opposite of what were going for when it comes to reducing stress So, let it go And yes, Im aware this is one of those easier said than done kind of situations So here are some tips to make letting it go easier and, as a result, bring you peace about whats to come Stay in the here and now Since the past has already happened and cant be changed, and the future is a great big unknown, the best bet to experiencing peace in your life is to stay in the present How you choose to feel and what you choose to do in this moment is really the only thing completely within your control To stay in the here and now, really be in it, whatever it is If youre baking cookies, enjoy all the smells and tastes and textures that go along with that If youre dodging puddles in a cross country meet, think about how your body feels as it glides down the path When you find yourself spinning off into future unknowns, snap yourself back to the present Go back to gratitude As I write in chapter seven, gratitude is a great way to bring attention to what is working in your life instead of focusing on what isnt or dwelling on unknowns that might feel big and scary The simple act of taking five minutes to appreciate even little things you are grateful for can result in an instant mind shift Get inspired by others Read the memoirs and biographies of people whove overcome challenges in their lives and gone on to accomplish incredible things Not only will this help you reset your perspective, but it will give you a burst of inspiration and the reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to Be curious Turning your worry into curiosity will transform the energy surrounding your thoughts about the future Curiosity is about things like possibility, unlimited options, and what could be And unlike the heavy anxiousness of worry, curiosity is light and exciting and hopeful So instead of thinking thoughts like, Im worried I wont reach my future dreams, think Im so curious to see where my passions and interests take me And lastly Remember that you are creative, resourceful, and whole Its true You have what it takes to create whatever you want to create with your life Trust in yourself and in your ability to make smart choices and figure it out as you go along.Feeling overwhelmed This easy to follow guide to stress management is the perfect solution for teens in desperate need of downtime.With schedules packed full of obligations ranging from academic to athletic to social, todays teens know all too well the heavy toll that stress can take And with the ever present pull of technology, the idea of unplugging feels practically impossible But theres a way to relax without sacrificing productivity, and Chill will show you how Explore a variety of techniquesincluding time management, visualization, exercise, and other creative outletsthat can take away tension and help organize your life From de cluttering your desktop to declining unimportant invites, the info, insight, and tools offered in Chill will leave you with less stress, happiness, and a blissfully balanced life So take a deep breath, get ready to feel better, and Chill. 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