Coping With Sexism and Misogyny

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Coping With Sexism and Misogyny

⇨ Library Binding Download @Coping With Sexism and Misogyny ⩾ By Gloria G Adams ⫢ Whether in classrooms, in workplaces, on social media, on college campuses, at public venues, or within the political arena, subtle as well as blatant sexism and misogyny still permeate society on many levels The effects manifest themselves in offensive language, unequal treatment and opportunities, sexual harassment, and violence They can devastate self esteem, emotional and physical health, academic achievements, and personal ambitions While delivering an insightful glimpse into the prevalence and negative influences of sexism and misogyny in modern culture, this resource also offers practical, empowering, and proactive coping strategies Readers also glean useful information through features including Myths and Facts. Coping With Sexism and Misogyny

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