7 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife: A Doctor Reviews the Case for Consciousness after Death

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7 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife: A Doctor Reviews the Case for Consciousness after Death

੎ Format Kindle ῳ 7 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife: A Doctor Reviews the Case for Consciousness after Death ⚧ Kindle Author Jean Jacques Charbonier ⚷ The 2nd Good Reason A Case That Is Hard to Argue Against Pamela Reynolds clinical death was medically induced by a surgical team whose goal was to remove a large aneurism lodged in her brain stem Dr Robert Spetzier hesitated a long time before undertaking this operation The risks were enormous, and yet, if he had not proceeded with this intervention, the woman was likely to suffer an early death Her vascular tumor was like a veritable time bomb that, as it enlarged, could explode at any moment It is worth going into detail about the preparations for Pamelas operation to illustrate the extent to which her brain was inactive at the moment when the vascular malformation was being removed Hypothermic circulatory arrest is a technique used in extremely serious cases and only rarely, because many patients are unable to withstand such a disruption of blood flow and die before the intervention can be completed The procedure involves the diversion of all blood flow from the area of the operation the brain in Pamelas case to a circulation outside the patients body The procedure must take place in a state of hypothermia to prevent formation of irreversible brain lesions that ordinarily would form within five minutes of stopping cerebral blood flow Having anesthetized Pamela with a strong dose of barbiturates, the team diverted her blood flow outside her body while progressively lowering her temperature to the record level of 15.5C 60F Once the blood flow had been cut off, the patients surgical table was tilted steeply to ensure that her brain would no longer contain a single drop of blood As you might expect, the EEG quickly flatlined and stayed that way for almost an hour The intervention took place without any major problems Once the aneurism was removed, there was nothing to do but wait for Pamela to awaken to determine her neurological state The first surprise was that Pamela suffered virtually no aftereffect from this artificially induced cerebral death The second surprise was even stunning her state of confirmed clinical death, controlled and remaining incontrovertible, in no way prevented her from observing everything that took place around her during the operation Even with her brain completely taken offline, she was able to see, to hear, and to understand the smallest details of her surgery a simply impossible feat if we believe that consciousness is fabricated by the brain Here is her astounding account I heard a mechanical noise, and it reminded me of a dentists drill Then I just sort of popped out of the top of my head In this state, I was able to see the situation very clearly I remember that my doctor had an instrument in his hand that looked like the handle of my electric toothbrush It had a dent in it, a groove at the top where the tip appeared to go into the handle, but when I saw it, there was no tip I looked down and saw a box it reminded me of my fathers box of tools when I was a child At about the same moment that I saw the instrument, I heard a womans voice I believe it was the voice of my cardiologist She was saying that my veins and arteries were too small to extract the blood from them, and the surgeon told her to try the other side. While in a deep coma, Pamela was able to describe the surgical instrument used to operate on her The same for the metal box of instruments that indeed looked like a toolbox but whose depth meant that it was impossible to see into unless you were well above the level at which the operation was taking place Moreover, Pam was able to accurately report the conversation between the cardiologist and the surgeon when her blood vessels were too flat to introduce suction tubes into them And all this while her brain was no longer functioning That means this patient saw without her eyes, heard without her ears, and understood without her brain How The whole phenomenon is easier to believe if we accept that consciousness is found outside the body when the brain stops functioning What the Detractors Say Pamelas EEG was flat, but that doesnt mean there wasnt an unmeasurable residual activity False, because you must remember that the patients body temperature had been lowered to 60F, and we know that in such a condition there is no chance of having the slightest biochemical exchange between two neurons All brain functions are therefore out of the question Pamelas sensation of leaving the body arose from a stimulation of the right temporal lobe induced by a lack of oxygen in relation to the lowering of blood pressure in the cerebral arteries and caused by the anesthetic, the hypothermia, and the draining of blood from the brain False, because a stimulation of the right temporal lobe would have been easily detected We need to remember that the EEG remained totally flat for an hour and specifically during the time when the surgical instruments were taken from their container The contents of the surgical tool case could have been seen by Pamela when the operating table was tilted up to reduce cerebral perfusion False, because at the time the table was being tilted Pamela was already deeply asleep from the barbiturates and had her eyes closed, with adhesive bandages on her eyelids Pamela could have heard the sounds of the tools that reminded her unconsciously of her fathers toolbox and an electric toothbrush Upon her awakening, her brain could have then put together these images buried in her memory In the same way she could have heard the conversation of the surgeon and the cardiologist False, because the pulseless electrical activity PEA measured during Pamelas operation was just as flat as her EEG It was therefore impossible for her to perceive even the slightest sound at a cerebral level.Dr Charbonier teaches us that the brain is the link between the soul and the physical body and that it represents a set of structures optimized to create, record, and or change patterns.When your brain dies your consciousness continues Death is a transition to another life not an end in itself When you aresupposedly dead you are alive than before The Rev Karen E Herrick, Ph.D., president of the Academy of Spirituality and Consciousness Studies 7 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife presents seven perfect reasons to believe and to know that you are than your body Charboniers book should be compulsory reading for every poor skeptic who still believes that he disappears when his brain stops Ervin Laszlo, author of The Immortal Mind and Science and the Akashic Field This wonderful book provides detailed accounts of a wide variety of diverse phenomena that all point in one direction toward the survival of the mind, with its personality and memories intact, after the change called death Chris Carter, author of Science and the Afterlife Experience As a researcher in the field of near death studies since 1978, I can say without hesitation that 7 Reasons to Believe in the Afterlife is exceptional There is nothing else in the field quite like it P M H Atwater, L.H.D., author of 11 books on her research findings, including Near Death Experien At last, summary of NDE research and phenomena from someone on the front line of life and death, an intensive care physician This book is fascinating and scientifically sound while also being easy to read, personable, and humorous It should become a classic Manjir Samanta Laughton, M.D., award winning international speaker and author of Punk Science and Th Reasons why a Christian can celebrate Can celebrate Halloween Is it really night that is dangerous Here are reasons Christians Why You Should Study Architecture Life of an architecture student tough Becoming Architect requires lot dedication, hard work, creativity and passion Your Business Invest In Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors their own When queried if in fact SEO dead, McRoberts said far from dead but added the caveat to Be Thankful Sermon Notes My manuscript this sermon below first part time job when I was years old working at Chick fil A worked there for about years, loved Circumcision Wikipedia Uses Elective Neonatal circumcision usually elected parents non medical reasons, such as religious beliefs or personal preferences, 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