Internationalization with Visual Basic

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Internationalization with Visual Basic

ㅐ Free pdf എ Internationalization with Visual Basic bestsellers ꘃ Kindle Ebook By Michael S Kaplan 뉆 Internationalization with Visual Basic is designed to get the Visual Basic developer into the realm of applications that can run in different locales and even process data from multiple locales Internationalization with Visual Basic explains how to create a Visual Basic application that will support the international marketplace The readers will learn the important differences between globalization, multinationalization, and localization and how each affects their application The book explains these concepts in detail while teaching the reader how to build an international application in Visual Basic Readers will learn the importance basic user interface issues as well as going beyond the default language setting to handle these global issues Included at the end of the book is an extensive reference section that will include valuable resources and links, character references, language identifiers, and various currency, date, and calendar formats.Specific topics covered will include Using calendars Regional settings Building localized applications Handling localized resources with satellite DLLs Handling external formats Web interface issues Extending ASP with components and services Creating documentation and using HTML helpMichael Kaplan is the owner and lead developer of Trigeminal Software, Inc., a software consulting company that focuses on all types of solutions in Microsoft Visual Basic, Access, and SQL Server, especially relating to internationalization localization and replication.He is a former member of the Microsoft Access development team who oversaw the merge of Far East code changes that were merged into the US English wizards He later developed the international standards for the wizards in Microsoft Access, and later was the primary developer for the creation of the worldwide wizards He has worked on the localization of Visual Basic add ins for Microsoft Access, and SQL Server and wrote the localization framework that is used widely throughout Microsoft.His Web site, , is a proof of concept for many of the web, database, and Visual Basic component solutions that focus on I18N and localization The site will change its language based on user settings, in addition to being a repository of knowledge, sample code, and utilities for Visual Basic and Access developers. Internationalization with Visual Basic

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