The Mathematics of Love: Patterns, Proofs, and the Search for the Ultimate Equation (TED Books) (English Edition)

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The Mathematics of Love: Patterns, Proofs, and the Search for the Ultimate Equation (TED Books) (English Edition)

᠓ Download Format Kindle [ The Mathematics of Love: Patterns, Proofs, and the Search for the Ultimate Equation (TED Books) (English Edition) ] ᡛ ePUB By Hannah Fry ᢏ The Mathematics of Love INTRODUCTION Id like to begin with a confession I am not an expert in love I have never taken a course in psychology I understand only the basics of human biochemistry and my own dating historymuch like everyone elsesis a mixed bag of successes mingled with a healthy series of disasters What I am, however, is a mathematician And in my day job of teasing out and understanding the patterns in human behavior, Ive come to realize that mathematics can offer a new way of looking at almost anythingeven something as mysterious as love My aim in writing this book is not to replace any of the other excellent sources available on the science of human connection I wouldnt be qualified to describe the intangible thrill, all consuming passion, or world ending despair that love can bring If thats what youre after, might I recommend you simply turn to nearly every painting, poem, sculpture, or song created over the last 5,000 years Instead, I want to try and offer you a different perspective on the most talked about subject in the history of human existence, using mathematics as a guide You would be forgiven for thinking that love and mathematics dont seem to naturally sit well together Human emotions, unlike mathematical equations, are not neatly ordered or well behaved, and the real thrill and essence of romance cant easily be defined But that doesnt mean that mathematics doesnt have something to offer Because mathematics is ultimately the study of patternspredicting phenomena from the weather to the growth of cities, revealing everything from the laws of the universe to the behavior of subatomic particles And if we consider them honestly, none of those things is neatly ordered or easily predictable, either Thankfully, loveas with most of lifeis full of patterns from the number of sexual partners we have in our lifetime to how we choose who to message on an internet dating website These patterns twist and turn and warp and evolve just as love does, and are all patterns which mathematics is uniquely placed to describe The math will offer a number of dating insights, but I have another confession The aim of this book isnt just to illuminate your love life My hope is also to illuminate how beautiful and relevant math is I wanted to write this book because Im always a bit disappointed with the way that math is viewed so negatively by the general public, even if Im not surprised that it has such a bad reputation Most peoples only experience of mathematics is as their most hated subject at school The topics seemed uninspiring, the ideas hadnt changed in hundreds of years, and the answers were all written in the back of the textbook Its no wonder some people think math has nothing new to offer But this just couldnt be further from the truth Mathematics is the language of nature It is the foundation stone upon which every major scientific and technological achievement of the modern era has been built It is alive, and it is thriving As the physicist and writer Paul Davies puts it No one who is closed off from mathematics can ever grasp the full significance of the natural order that is woven so deeply into the fabric of physical reality To try to convince you of how insightful, relevant, and powerful mathematics can be, Ive deliberately tried to choose the one subject that seems as far away from equations and proofs as possible and show howeven in that contextmath still has something to offer I want to share with you my favoritemathematically verifiableways of understanding how love can work Well calculate your chances of finding the person youve been waiting for Ill show you a mathematical argument to justify approaching someone in a bar And well even perform some mathematical tricks to help you to smoothly plan your wedding Ive framed most of the examples using the traditional story of man meets woman This is simply because having two clear groups targeting each other can help to make the math a lot simpler The choice of examples aside, though, all of the results and tips in the book are general enough to apply to any gender and sexuality On occasion well use data from real life couples to offer a strategy for singles in search of someone special Other times well stray into abstraction and oversimplification as mathematicians so often have a habit of doing in the hunt for insight There are elements of economics and science in many of the examples, but the mathematics is always there, even when its sometimes playing a subtle role The examples might not always apply directly to your own love life, but I hope that you will find them interesting regardless Most of all, though the goal of this book is to reveal the patterns that govern one of lifes greatest mysteries, my great hope is that a little bit of insight into the mathematics of love might just inspire you to have a little bit love for mathematics.A smart, snappy guide to romance that dips into mathematical modelsOn screen and on the page, Fry has a wry, chatty voice that illuminates age old questions in brainy yet simple language Washington Post Wolfram MathWorld The Web s Most Extensive Comprehensive encyclopedia of mathematics with , detailed entries Continually updated, extensively illustrated, and interactive examples UCLA Department Mathematics Welcome to UCLA Mathematics Home world renowned faculty, a highly ranked graduate program, large diverse body undergraduate majors, the department is Math World Math Online Free math lessons homework help from basic algebra, geometry beyond Students, teachers, parents, everyone can find solutions their History Wikipedia area study known as history primarily an investigation into origin discoveries in and, lesser extent, Indian Indian emerged subcontinent BC until end th century In classical period 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